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fsperms is a simple tool to apply permission and ownership changes to entire filesystems based on security templates.

One might ask "why is such a tool is needed?" I've often found source and package installs that place files with either bad or insecure permissions and/or ownership. By establishing a security template for a package I no longer have to remember or worry about fixing such problems after package updates. I can use fsperms to reapply the sane settings after every install or update.

Depending on the complexity of your desired settings it can also be quicker to write a security template than it would be to manually apply permissions in some cases.



Sample output listing the installed security templates:

root@foo-1:~# fssecure -l
fssecure, v1.0: (c) 2006, Arthur Corliss 

Standard Policies:
  PolicyKit        auth             awkward          bind
  bridge-utils     cdrdao           cdrtools         cvs
  dcron            devtools         dvd+rw-tools     ethtool
  fileaudit        firefox-3        fontconfig       iproute2
  iptables         krb5             lib              lsvpd
  man              mkinitramfs      ndisc6           net-snmp
  net-tools        nevaeh           ntp              openldap
  openssh          pam              ping             proftpd
  rc-sysconf       root             rsync            sendmail
  sg3_utils        slocate          squid            sysklogd
  tcp_wrappers     tmp              traceroute       udev
  var-log          wpa_supplicant   xulrunner

Site Policies:
  cdrdao           cdrtools