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Parse::PlainConfig provides a simple way to write a config object class that supports all the basic primitive data types (scalar, array, and hashes) while allowing for arbitrary delimiters, comment characters, and more.

Developer ease-of-use is one of the primary design goals of this module. To that end very little code is needed to use this. The simplicity of the design is that it is only necessary to subclass the config parsing object and define up to three hashes. Nothing more is needed.

NOTE: Unlike previous versions of this module config file generation is no longer supported. This is strictly targeted at parsing, the generation code was never widely used and, quite frankly, the entire API was unpleasant to use. This implementation is much easier to leverage and with better features. For the full scoop please see the documentation.

The previous generation of the parser/generator is still available under a different name space: Parse::PlainConfig::Legacy.